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Forged In Fire - Crushed Car Challenge
1. epizód: Crushed Car Challenge

Four smiths have to create a knife from the most mangled mess of a vehicle. After an intense round of testing, the two surviving smiths return to their home forges to recreate two of the most unique w...

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Forged In Fire - Blackout
2. epizód: Blackout

Four bladesmiths are kept in the dark when the shop experiences a blackout. With no power tools or lights, the smiths must rely on hand hammering and lanterns to forge their blades.

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Forged In Fire - Sheet Metal Challenge
3. epizód: Sheet Metal Challenge

Four bladesmiths get scrappy when they are given thin sheet metal to forge a knife. After a brutal round of testing, two smiths recreate a razor-sharp Serrated Indian Sabre.

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Forged In Fire - Blades Gone Wild
4. epizód: Blades Gone Wild

Four smiths are tasked with forging a saw-back machete out of steel tent stakes. After two gruelling rounds of testing, two smiths return to their home forges to create a deadly Malaysian backcountry ...

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Forged In Fire - Double Trouble Blades
5. epizód: Double Trouble Blades

Four bladesmiths face double the trouble when they are tasked with forging not one, but two canister damascus knives. After a brutal round of testing, only two smiths move forward to build an extremel...

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Forged In Fire - The Knife Fight
6. epizód: The Knife Fight

Four bladesmiths enter the forge to compete in an epic Forged in Fire first: the Knife Fight. Arriving with their best blades in hand, competitors will immediately be put to the test and one will be e...

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Forged In Fire - Revolutionary War Forge
7. epizód: Revolutionary War Forge

Four bladesmiths go back in time to the Revolutionary War to forge a rifleman's knife. After an intense round of testing, two smiths return home to recreate an even more iconic weapon of the revolutio...

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Forged In Fire - Out To Sea
8. epizód: Out To Sea

In a Forged in Fire first, three blade-smiths head to historic Mystic Seaport for a nautical-themed competition. After a round of coal forging, the two travel back to their home forges to recreate ano...

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Forged In Fire - Fastest Blade In The West
14. epizód: Fastest Blade In The West

In one of the most unique first rounds in Forged in Fire history, four bladesmiths must giddy-up to finish their blade first and become the fastest blade in the West.

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Forged In Fire - Best In Damascus
15. epizód: Best In Damascus

Four bladesmiths put it all on the line when they are challenged with creating their most dazzling Damascus knife.

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Forged In Fire - Friend Or Foe
16. epizód: Friend Or Foe

Two friends and two brothers enter the forge as teams to compete in an epic showdown. But after working as teams to recreate a Scottish broadsword, the victorious team will be divided and forced to fa...

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Forged In Fire - Marvel's Midnight Sun
17. epizód: Marvel's Midnight Sun

Tonight, three bladesmiths assemble as Marvel takes over the competition. Tasked with forging iconic weapons from Marvel's video game Midnight Suns, the smiths must defeat the evil clock to build thei...

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Műfajok: Dokumentum
The History Channel
Forged In Fire


Forged In Fire, the original competition series hosted by weapons expert and U.S. Army and Air Force veteran Wil Willis, returns as world-class bladesmiths compete to create history's most iconic edged weapons. In each episode, four of the nation's finest bladesmiths come together to put their skill and reputations on the line, trying to avoid elimination and win the $10,000 prize.

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