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Mountain Men Alaska - Land Of Promise
1. epizód: Land Of Promise

Marty returns to his trap line to find it destroyed by wildfire. Mike hunts an elusive herd of Kodiak elk.

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Mountain Men Alaska - Flying High
2. epizód: Flying High

Marty instructs his teenage daughter, Noah, as she pilots the bush plane. Mike hunts a herd of Kodiak bison, and donates the meat to friends in town.

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Mountain Men Alaska - Grizzly Standoff Grizzly Standoff
3. epizód: Grizzly Standoff Grizzly Standoff

In the Interior, Marty Meierotto puts the stalk on a group of caribou, but the hunt takes a wild turn when a family of grizzly bears comes charging toward his camp. On Kodiak Island, Mike Horstman hik...

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Mountain Men Alaska - In the Crosshairs
4. epizód: In the Crosshairs

Marty embarks on a moose hunt, luring a bull within his sights. Meanwhile, Mike's relentless pursuit of foxes yields a collection of prize pelts.

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Mountain Men Alaska - Cold Pursuit
5. epizód: Cold Pursuit

Marty has a near-death experience when he plummets through ice on a frozen waterway. Meanwhile, Lauro journeys deep into the untouched backcountry by dog team to establish an expedition camp.

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Mountain Men Alaska - The Fire Within
6. epizód: The Fire Within

Buried under record snowfall, Marty fights to heat his cabin and maintain his trapline. Lauro and Neil brave the icy Yukon River with their sled dogs, while Mike ingeniously crafts a driftwood windmil...

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Mountain Men Alaska - Snowbound
7. epizód: Snowbound

Marty digs his bush plane out from a deep snow drift to preserve his one lifeline in the bush. Bret and Ivy escape an avalanche from their cabin roof before embarking on their journey back to home bas...

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Mountain Men Alaska - Born to Run
8. epizód: Born to Run

Marty escapes a blizzard and flies home from the trapline to reunite with his family. Lauro runs a 100-mile dog race and gets closer to qualifying for the Iditarod.

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Műfajok: Dokumentum
The History Channel
Mountain Men Alaska


Mountain Men: Alaska is a new spinoff that focuses on those brave enough to live in America’s last frontier. Alaska automatically conjures up a sense of awe in all of us. It’s bigger than Texas, California, and Montana combined. It’s possible to travel for weeks, even months, in the Alaskan bush without ever seeing another human. Everything is bigger, more dangerous, and more extreme: the animals, the snowy peaks, the temperatures, the isolation. But despite the risks, a rare breed of men and women still heed the call to this remote land and leave the rest of us in the modern world amazed at the courage and stamina it takes to survive in Alaska. Legendary Mountain Man, Marty Meierotto, may have summed it up best: “Whatever you wanna call it, there’s somethin’ bigger than us out there and it lives in Alaska.”

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