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Lost Gold of The Aztecs - Montezuma's Curse
1. epizód: Montezuma's Curse

Legend has it that five hundred years ago a vast fortune in gold was hidden by the Aztecs somewhere in the American southwest. Now three families are closing in on what they believe is the location of...

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Lost Gold of The Aztecs - Buried Below
2. epizód: Buried Below

The Dillman Family continue their grandfather's 56-year search by completing the underwater dye test at Shadow Cave, which may reveal more than they bargained for.

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Lost Gold of The Aztecs - Spanish Death Trap
3. epizód: Spanish Death Trap

The hunt begins to heat up when the Miners in Nevada use a smoke gun to find another entrance to this dangerous tunnel system. In Utah, the Dillman family dig up the mysterious marsh, which may have p...

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Lost Gold of The Aztecs - Weeping Cave
4. epizód: Weeping Cave

The Dillman family seeks answers in the mysterious Weeping Cave, and in Nevada, the miners bring in an expert to examine a very unusual discovery from the mine.

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Lost Gold of The Aztecs - A Grave Discovery
5. epizód: A Grave Discovery

The Villescas family seek expert advice about whether a spur they found might be tied to the Conquistadors. The Dillmans use drones to locate an important ancient symbol, which could be a map.

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Lost Gold of The Aztecs - A Hidden Chamber
6. epizód: A Hidden Chamber

In New Mexico, the Villescas family gamble everything by bringing in more heavy machinery and a full crew for one last push to unearth Conquistador gold.

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Lost Gold of The Aztecs - Chamber of Secrets
7. epizód: Chamber of Secrets

In Utah, the Dillman family drill into what they believe could be the treasure chamber. The Miners in Nevada must find a way into the tunnels.

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Műfajok: Dokumentum
The History Channel
Lost Gold of The Aztecs


In Utah, the Dillmans must be careful not to trigger an Aztec water trap while digging deep into the cave chamber. In New Mexico, the Villescas family discovers that there are more secrets buried beneath the Fire Pits.

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